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How it Works


Create a task

Download the software, import your billing profiles, and create the perfect task for your specific item.


Purchase the Item

Start the task. The automation will take over and proceed to find, monitor, and checkout your item ensuring your success.


Reap the rewards

Confirmation will be sent via a webhook and email; it's that easy. Whether it's for you or to resell, Fluid makes it easy.

automation designed
for the future.

Fluid's team is dedicated to bringing all users the highest level of performance with a simple and sleek user interface. Parsimony at its finest.

Create New Task
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Extremely easy
operation. Set up
tasks in minutes.

Our entire user interface is designed with YOU in mind. We wanted to make it as easy as possible to setup and run Fluid.

View statistics to see performance.

Our dashboard conveniently contains all of the info you'd want to know. Everything from how much you've spent to what you've purchased.

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What sites do you support?

Fluid currently supports Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, Shopify, Target, and Walmart.


When does Fluid restock?

Fluid does not have any confirmed restocks at this time. Make sure to monitor our Twitter below, as we announce restocks in advance.


Do you support Mac?

Fluid fully supports both Mac and Windows OS.

Our Success speaks for itself.

Check out our SUCCESS Twitter below. This is where all our latest member success is posted.
Be sure to follow our main Twitter @fluid as well to stay posted with restock news and more!